We are offering this coloring page so you, our loyal Magical Princess Anya readers, can have fun with Purinko too. Feel free to download this image, color it, add a background, and do (almost) anything you want to enhance the image.

Send your colored artwork to us and we will create a gallery. Don’t forget to give us your URL so we can link to you.

Follow these terms below and have fun with the artwork.

Terms of Use

1) You may display the artwork on your personal website. Please contact us with a URL so we can link to you.
2) You may not remove any copyright information from the image. Copyright information can be moved and adjusted to suit your alterations as long as it remains the same as the original piece. You may also add a “Colored by” in addition to the original copyright information. 3) You may not use the image for personal gain of any type.
4) You may not alter the line art in any way without permission.
5) The artwork may not be used as an integral part of web design.
6) You may not claim the artwork as your own work at any time.
7) Please include a hyperlink to, when possible.
8) The artwork remains the property of Owl’s Mirror Studio and you cannot permit the use of your colored alteration by others without permission from Owl’s Mirror Studio.

These terms apply specifically to the above image.

Send artwork to so it can be posted.

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