Sex: Female
Age: 22

Middle Child of three girls. The older is a successful doctor and the younger is the baby who is having a baby. Her mother is a classic housewife, aka Super Soccer Mom. Her father is an architect. Anya moved away from home and attended a distant community college immediately after graduating from high school.

Anya now lives with Purinko who she met on the street shortly after moving to Riverside. Currently she is majoring in Business Management or Accounting at the John Billington Community College of Criminal Justice.

Sex: I lost count
Age: Barely legal 18

Currently Anya's roommate. Before meeting Anya her life was in the trash. Anya turned things around by making her move in and work to pay the rent.

Purinko is cheery and always in the mood for sex. Anything that moves is A-Ok with her. And I mean anything.

Sex: Male?
Age: 35 (in bunnyfly years)

One of the many creatures in line to be assigned as a Magical Girl familiar. He just happens to be lucky enough to have Anya as his assignment.

Full of magical knowledge and always playing by the book Bunnykun is the closest thing to a conscience Anya will ever have. Unfortunate for him Anya won't listen to his voice of reason.

Sex: Male
Age: 21

Hailing from Quebec (that's Ka-bek) he was recruited as a Magical Prince at age 11 and stationed in Riverside. He has gone through twelve Magical Prince incarnations since his start.

In his civilian state Albert (pronounced Al-bear, the "t" is silent) currently attends John Billington Community College in order to gain training for an office job at the Magical Girl Institute.

His position as Magical Prince is about to be turned around when he realizes Anya has her own way of handling her new status unlike prior Magical Girls.

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